I make filter for instagram and facebooks


Hello. Before ordering, please contact me so that I can understand what do you need. I provide Instagram and Facebook AR filters. You can use them in your profile to promote a brand, a product or just for fun. I'm used to make the 3D and 2D assets needed for the filter and also animation. I also have a degree in computer science so I can program user interactions and events in filters. I know the Instagram and facebook AR engine limitations so I will tell you what is possible to do and what is not. I also know the facebook rules of publishing and will tell you what are you allowed to upload. You have to know that to publish a filter password and username are required so I can't upload your filter for you. Therefore I will guide you to upload your filter when it's done. Don't be afraid it's really easy. Feel free to contact me and ask what can be done. I hope I will be helpful.