I draw nice cartoons and caricatures


Hello I'm Claudiocartoon on Fiverr. My style includes nice and funny caricatures and cartoons for fun and personal use. Not commercial use. Remember: I DO NOT WORK with politilcal or celebrities charges, nor explicit sex or religions content neither draw strange photos. My art is just for fun for personal gift or printings. Please, "Contact me INBOX " before set an order. Don't send direct order, because as sometimes I 'm bussy with orders much of them I cannot accept, In general the coloring process I do all by myself but sometimes, I eventually have two artist friends that help me a lot with the digital paint, but all drawings are delivering with my final retouchs. REMEMBER: I just can provided Sources files in JPG or PNG ( transparent background) If supposed on that incredibles things about destinity, you find eventually my gigs here...Lol...well, I m available!! But, Please : MESSAGE me INBOX bebore sending an ORDER, in order to talk about your project and needed. I will be glad of working in your pojects in the deliverd time. Thanks for choosing me among so many great artist on Fiverr!