I curate ideas and craft communications that provoke an authentic response


I curate ideas and craft communications that provoke an authentic response. In the 22 years I’ve been publishing meaningful and thoroughly-researched content on the web, I’ve discovered something: Words do matter. People will care about what you have to say, provided you say it with integrity, passion, and care. Respect your audience, and you will be respected by your audience. But not everyone finds it easy to put pen to paper (so to speak). Perhaps your plate is so full you’re ready to delegate your writing tasks to a dedicated producer. Whatever situation you’re in, I’m here to help. I can take your raw ideas, the inception stages of your content pipeline, and transform them into professional, polished work. An essay. A short post. A social media quiz. An inspirational quote. An in-depth tutorial. No matter what the need is, whether it’s 1500 words or 15, I’m up for the challenge. You’ll be proud to take the original content I provide and share it with your growing audience. Experience / Education / Qualifications Experience over the years includes: * Online magazine editor-in-chief * Award-winning blogger since 1996 (yes, really) * Guest author for numerous computer-industry publications, including OSNews, 1st Web Designer, MyDesktop * Creative director & content production lead for many websites
Portland, Oregon, USA
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