I do danganronpa style art


Hi! My art is focused on Danganronpa style. Here you can receive sprites and splash arts in this style. There is an option to pick a few extras after you pick the package: - a set of 3 expressions - instead of one, I submit 3 separate pieces with different expressions or smaller details like hats, extra clothing etc; just let me know if it's something different, we'll talk it out~ - a set of 3 halfbody sprites - instead of one, I submit 3 completely different sprites (maybe even for different ocs?) - a set of 3 fullbody sprites - same as above but fullbody - extra splash art NOTE: if you pick halfbody but pick extra fullbodies and the other way around I'll count the additional two as 1 halfbody and 1 fullbody I'm open to any kind of idea for your character, there are no boundaries aside from being human or human-like. Poses for sprites can be provided by you or suggested by me - feel free to discuss it, I'm excited to hear about your idea! Don't forget to check out my personal style gig (currently in lower price)! I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!
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