I create vintage retro cartoon character illustrations


Hi, welcome to my Gig Have You Been Looking For An Vintage Cartoon Character Mascot Design? Cartoon Character Mascot Logo? For your tshirt, or your brand logo ? If you want a Vintage Cartoon Character Mascot Design, Cartoon Character Mascot Logo, with hand drawn quality, you are in the right place and the right person, i will design an Original hand drawn with vintage style for your business brand or your project and design that I create is actually original and special for your project. - Original artwork only. Never using stock art or template! - Real quality, using original work in the portfolio. No fake samples. -Vintage design illustration for your T-Shirt, Logo, Poster, Label, etc ?So, what your waiting for?! Place your order now!” Feel free to contact me first before we start our project :) Thank you for your visit !! Best Regards Otto Limited