I draw comics in manga and webtoon style based on script or story


Now the level 1 of discounted price is $35 per page with color, to level 2 I will raise the price to $65. If you like my style of drawing, what are you waiting for, come to order! Please read the gig's description: 1. PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING, tell me what you need, provide the reference photos/images so I can do it correctly; 2. I draw anything that you can describe to me. 3. I will give you the final artwork in A4 canvas size or 2480x3508 px (300DPI) 4. Subjects that we are not good at are mechanical, sports, athletics, and BL/gay. Unacceptable subject: Destruction of the body (such as severed limbs, flesh, and blood flying in all directions, intestines are all over the floor and other heavy violent content, we only accept fight violence that keeps the body intact). note: I may use all commission works as a portfolio for watermark I'll be glad to discuss the order first with you before ordering feel free to contact me anytime :) Thank you, have a nice day. Emile Czhen