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Hello, I'm Smuruthi, a postgraduate student in International Business. I've been writing articles since my high school days and started blogging during my undergraduate years. I love writing, and I can write any content based on your requirements, with SEO optimisation. I can write blogs, content for websites, creative content, medical content (I did my undergraduate in biomedical engineering) and a magazine writer. Experience / Education / Qualifications B.E. Biomedical Engineering MSc. International Business (Currently) Experience Mosh Studios: Curated creative content for photoshoots. Petrichor (Ex-Entrepreneurial Venture): Curated content for my products in my entrepreneurial venture http://www.ecoideaz.com/innovative-green-ideas/elephant-poo-paper : My first article for an eco-friendly magazine http://www.ecoideaz.com/expert-corner/rwi-can-thorium-reactor-be-the-scandinavian-saviour-for-india : Another selected article from the magazine.
Smuruthi Kesavan
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