I create instagram or facebooks filter using spark ar


Follow me on instagram to check my personal filters and stay in touch! (IG: mtaufiikhiidayat) I can make a filter for your instagram or facebook, use your samples or implement your idea using my photoshop, 3D modeling, animation skills ?? Read the full description and FAQ before ordering to avoid confusion ?? I want my work and what can be the result of your idea to be clear to you so, before ordering, contact me and explain your idea. I will also send you a quick draft if needed! :) Give me your idea, tell me what you would like from your personal filter and I'll do the job ;) You'll also need an icon and a demonstration video. If you are not able to produce them, or simply don't want to, choose my dedicated packages. The cost of making a filter with me is always the same whatever the difficulty of your project. You will always have your perfect and working filter with a basic pack purchase. The only additional costs you may incur are only if you require additional tasks outside of creating the filter itself (for example icon design, 3d modeling of an object, etc). Publishing your own filter is now very simple but if you don't know how to do it I'll be happy to help :)