I be moderator in a discord server


KZ Estudio is one of the first companies that provide professional Moderators but... What are the tasks of these moderators? Our Moderators are clear about their goals within their community: 1. Server protection. 2. Solve user doubts. 3. Start conversations and create ties with the community. For us and our moderators, the security of your community is the most important thing, therefore, prioritizing that there are no scammers, bots, spammers or other non-grateful users is our main objective. After this, making your community feel heard is our second priority, solving doubts in the different chats and tickets, so that users always have someone to turn to when they don't understand something and aren't afraid to ask. In case a moderator does not know something, it will be very important to have direct access to the main team, to be able to ask questions. Finally, if no one is in doubt, our team will engage in social activities, chatting with users and becoming part of the community.