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We are a group of professionals specializing in social media marketing. We are also gurus in helping crowdfunding projects. We have helped over 3000 crowdfunding projects and got many successfully funded. By leveraging our massive social media networks, we have a long track record in this field. With the help of the latest marketing research, search engine optimization and algorithm analysis , we have produced one of the most effective online promotion services in this market, and helped many Kickstarter projects funded! It is a comprehensive package deal (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, G+, Instagram, PLUS our internal ranking optimization)! Let our BEST social marketing solution help increase your crowdfunding project visibility and get funded! Due to the latest Kickstarter ranking changes which emphasize heavily on project outreach, we strongly suggest including one of our social media gigs in order to achieve the best-ranking improvement. We focus on Kickstarter projects only. We don't work on websites, GoFundMe etc. Please contact us before placing an order. We need to evaluate the project first.
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