I create unique crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter, indiegogo, and, gofundme


Thinking about launching a Crowdfunding Campaign for your project but confused on where to start? Don't worry I've got you covered! Hi, I'm Peter and I can help you set up your Crowdfunding Campaign for your project Scratch. What You Get: 1- Set up your fundraising account. 2- Create a captivating campaign. 3- Write your Campaign Pitch. 4- Design the whole campaign with a strategy based on your product market. 5- create promotional images for your project. 6- create rewards/perks structure creation. 7. Design rewards graphics (if needed). Don’t allow your idea to be promoted under the cover of a mediocre campaign, use my services and launch a captivating, highly converting crowdfunding campaign. ORDER NOW! to get started Or inbox me now for a quote on your special requirements. Best Regards.