I back up kickstarter campaign as supporter


Thank you for stopping by my Gig, I am a digital marketer who reside in U.S. and I can help back your Kickstarter Campaign. Please be aware before requesting this Gig that Kickstarter campaigns are all-or-nothing funding meaning if you don't reach your goal, all money raised will be refunded to backers. Important note: We back in U.S. dollar , if your campaign use Euro or British pound, we will deliver to closest dollar amount My service can be used for one of two purposes. The first to help you reach you goal (please make sure you are at good target for that. The other reason is to help you with you getting attraction and better rank within Kickstarter. If you decided to use my service and for some reason the campaign failed to reach its target, I will not be obligated to refund it (so please make sure if your target is reach a goal to be done in the right timing). If you happened to have a project that still needs additional backer to push you up? Then you can use my services to reach that limit. Please contact me for more information. I can work with you to customize the offer if bigger amount is needed.
United States