I create entire crowdfunding campaign


Are you looking to launch a Crowdfunding campaign for your project but don't where to start? No worries, Me and my team get everything done perfectly. What's included our Crowdfunding Campaign Service: 1- Setting up your account. 2- Creating the campaign. 3- Writing Campaign Pitch. 4- Designing the whole campaign with a strategy based on your product market. 5- Promotional images & infographics for your project. 6- Rewards/Perks structure creation. 7. Design rewards graphics (if needed). 8. A ready to execute Marketing Plan. Don’t take chances—crowdfunding is already challenging and demanding as it is, so make sure that you work with someone who has a proven public work in the world of crowdfunding. So acquire our services and launch an eye-catching, highly converting crowdfunding campaign. You can contact us before order!! CROWDFUNDING / CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN / FUNDRAISING / INDIEGOGO / KICKSTARTER