I write crowdfunding pitch for kickstarter, indiegogo, crowdcube, or symbid


Crowdfunding is exploding as a viable model of accepting donations, preselling products, and attracting early stage investors to your startup. The success of your campaign depends on how you present your video and written pitch. The basic elements of an effective crowdfund: -A short and succinct explanation of your idea, what problems it solves, and who it is for -A compelling analysis of the market, which makes your idea viable for sustainable growth -Your personal story & professional background, the inspiration for the idea, and why your investors can trust you to see it through to completion Extraneous information will lose the interest of potential investors. All this should be written in an engaging way that completes conversion in less than two or three minutes ideally. $5 = a review and analysis of your current pitch or video script +$50 = an original pitch or script tailored to attract maximum backers for your project +$20 = a professionally produced voiceover for the video script. +$50 = an original video script +$50 = a prelaunch page for your website +$50 = text for email and Facebook promotions +$55 = a personalized press release for your campaign launch