I create and promote kickstarter or indiegogo crowdfunding campaign site


Hello Great Buyer, Are you in need of backer and donors into your campaign? if yes, you are at at the right consultant. One of most crucial things to focus on is building an email list of people interested in your campaign. They will be the first backer you evangelize to get the message out, contribute to your campaign and l l will also post about your problem once it’s launch. l will make use of channels such as questionnaires, survey, newsletters, social media, pre-launch pages and both online and real-world events to spread your campaign and get people on board. Before l create any marketing materials or post your campaign live, do the research necessary to become familiar with your target audience. Sit down and write out what it is that that audience wants. You can't just assume you know what that is; you need to do actual research and gather real data to help you become more familiar with those you are targeting. Kindly contact me for my preview work done. Thanks