I specialize in writing business copy and digital content


With a Masters in Writing Composition, I've dedicated the last decade to teaching writing in many forms—at the university, in writing centers, to writers who simply want to hone their craft for publication and business executives who aim to make their writing more compelling and punchy to their clients or target audiences. Experience / Education / Qualifications Draft and revise content germane to individual and company interests with a focus on clarity and precision; Analyze business documents, research material, and large data-sets to summarize and ensure reliability and readability for clients; Collate different sources of information and other relevant material for businesses to establish a strong digital presence via blogs, newsletters, copywriting, or other forms of marketing; Verify facts, dates, and statistics, using standard reference sources for White-papers and other publications; Make swift and concise editorial decisions to maintain momentum for meeting deadlines and keep the bottomline reasonable; Communicate editorial decisions clearly and constructively to relevant parties in order to ensure satisfied clients;
Sacramento, California, USA
Derek Anthony McDow
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