I promote kickstarter project to kicktraq todays top ten


Please do not place your order before I confirm. Kicktraq is the most popular portal providing data on projects Kickstarter. Kicktraq creates trends and promotes projects for many years. Being on the top10 list (which is updated live) increases your credibility and interest in your project, and also translates into direct sales and positioning on the Kickstarter's search engine. Thanks to my actions, your project will be in today's top ten, it will also be on the main page of Kicktraq.com Requirements: - the project must be live - generate at least minimal traffic and interest (orange or green "current pledge level" on kicktraq.com) - have 20+ backers I need to do a test to check if your campaign can be positioned. Contact me before order :)! *Positioning is maintained throughout the day, however, temporary breaks in positioning are possible due to the server update.
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