I drive, promote donors to gofundme,kickstarter,indiegogo,crowdfunding campaign


Do you require genuine publicity for your campaign? Are you looking for a quick reaction to an emergency campaign? If so, order this gig right now and let me take care of it professionally, based on my Fiverr expertise and marketing talents. My services will help you contact active backers who are willing to donate to your campaign as an expert in social media marketing and I have many years of expertise in promoting crowdfunding to be successful. I would be very delighted to help many crowdfunding projects to be successful. I will give a focused international marketing for your crowdfunding campaign on social media (to individuals in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, business people, and so on) among audiences who are interested in all philanthropic projects and relevant crowdfunding related organizations. I'll also make sure to include relevant keywords during the exposure phase. I'll send you a snapshot of my presentation. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at 100%. PLEASE NOTE: No digital marketer can promise that your campaign will be financed because we have no control over the backers, but your campaign will be exposed globally to potential active backers