I create professional landscape planting plan for every zone


NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER I am a Landscape Architect with 3 years of professional experience in the field. I will create a professional planting plan for your garden (or some other type of exterior). The selection of plant species is based on the principles I follow when designing and these are: functionality, sustainability, a spirit of place ( genius loci ), aesthetics, naturalness. I try to think about the details and adapt the space to the needs of the users in the best way. You will receive: 2D Planting plan with numbered plant species (.PDF, .JPG or .DWG file) Specification of plants Numbered pictures of used plants For this project I need: - Pictures of the area - Site location - Sketches with basic dimensions of the area (or Site plan) - Information about microclimatic conditions of the area Looking Forward to working with you! Have a great day, Marjana