I write killer sales copy for eCommerce businesses.


Do you want mind-bending copy to skyrocket clicks, conversions and profits? Do you need someone to make people buy right freakin’ now? Hi, I’m Gavin. I write killer sales copy for eCommerce businesses. Since 2017, my words have brought clients millions in profits and sales. I specialize in persuasive copy and consumer psychology. That’s how I make people buy. Here’s some things I’m really good at: - Sales Emails - Follow-up Emails - Introduction Emails - Engaging Newsletters - Research - Sales! Sales! Sales! Results from past work: Brought software company up from $600k in 2017 to nearly $1M in revenue for the year 2018, one of the best years in company history. Helped design and sell online course netting nearly $30k in revenue. Real estate agency generated nearly $25k in additional contracts. When you hire me… You won’t get a blogger. I don’t “craft content” either... I’m a hyper-focused profit-seeking missile here to supercharge your sales! No more hassle. No more interviews. No more wasted time. Just. Real. Results. (for a fair and honest price) If that sounds good to you, here’s your next step… Message me about your email project. Describe what you need done. Send a link to your current website. Once you do that, I’ll respond in 24 hours or less to schedule a quick call. Talk Soon, Gavin H.
Chicago, Illinois
Gavin Hidaji
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