I make 3d model of a monster or creaturei


Hey. My name is Alexander. I am an artist Ukraine. I have a higher artistic education and excellent skills in the Zrush program. I love to create models of monsters and different creatures. If you want an original model of the mummy, orc, goblin, vampire, dragon, zombie, werewolf and so on. If you have a favorite character a cartoon or comic book. I can create any 3d monster model for you. Just send me any pictures or sketches that will help me understand your idea. Please indicate the size of the sculpture (only the height is needed). When saving the stl file, I can specify the size in mm or inches. Indicate if you need a base under the sculpture. I can make a round or rectangular base or any other shape. For 3d printing I will save for you a file stl. I will check the stl file for errors in the netfabb program. The file will be completely ready for printing. Please contact me before making an order. I need to study in detail all the materials on your project. Price may vary depending on the complexity of the project.