I create 3d low poly characters and rigg them


PLEASE CONTACT ME IN INBOX BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. In this gig, I will make you 3d low poly game ready character model that can be used for games, animations, and more this gig includes : 3d model, rigg, uv unwrap, bake simple color, color palette, image render this gig does not include : texturing and animation Basic : I will make you a simple 3d low poly character Uv unwraped and baked, or with color palette 3 pieces of equipment/clothing (shirt, pants, boots etc.) NOT RIGGED Standard : Everything basic + 3 additional pieces of equipment/clothing (6 pieces all together) rig (The complexity of rig is disscussed before ordering) Premium : Everything Standard + 5 additional pieces of equipment/clothing (11 pieces all together) Rendered image If you plan on ordering without contacting me specify the type of rig you want. (no face rig) You can specify your desired format or I'll use FBX by default. If you are unsure what exactly you get contact me and i will send you free rigged character Finished rig will be given in .blend file( I use blender ) if the rig is for Unity then the FBX will also be provided