I design you professional 3d designs of all sorts


Hello customers, My name is Edward and I am based in the UK (London), I have recently graduated university with a master's in art in 3D animation and Design. I have always been interested in 3D modeling and creating cool animation that mimics my favorite Disney and Pixar shows. My skills are in the area of 3D modeling, modeling vehicles, modeling characters, 3D Animation, modeling props, modeling artificials, modeling objects for 3D printing, modeling video game props, modeling weapons, modeling a portrait, and finally but not least creating VFX. I am in the 3D industry for the past 5 years and I must say it is amazing! I am here to help as many clients as possible to get their personal projects or industrial projects done by a talented artist. I am looking forwards to working with you all and creating you amazing 3D Designs. Cheers, Edward Amalou
United Kingdom