I be community manager


I am a Specialist in Digital Marketing and I help brands meet their sales objectives on social networks, through valuable content. With this service I will do an analysis of your statistics, reach, audience, and the type of content of your brand. In this way I will be able to have an overview of the status of your brand and that point I will be able to create new content. My recommendation after working for +4 years in the digital field is that you start investing in your content, to give a visual and verbal consistency to your brand. WHAT INCLUDES? 1. Content + Design + Writing. 2. Review of Engagement, Growth, and Scope. 3. Biography Optimization (Pack, 1 Month - 1 Month Pro). 4. Development of 1/2 Set of Hashtags with SEO. 5. Response to comments. 6. Programming the posts to your Local Time. 7. Digital Marketing Strategies (Extra Gig: $795.00). Let's work on improving the visibility of your brand, I can help you increase your community by creating Value for your ideal client. My service is Best Seller in the Community Manager section. ORDER NOW!