I be community manager on telegram, discord, 4chan, airdrop


Hello, C ommunity manager working since 2015 and has a lot of experience in Community management/Social media marketing/management and Marketing Ideas for new projects. So, If you have a new project and looking for a community manager then you are looking at right person. I have worked with many projects in past with 100% success rate & they are the big projects all over the world. Why hire me? ?? Telegram Management -- Welcome message -- Welcome button -- Spam removal for new joins -- Remove join/leave -- Clean chat -- Negative removal -- Increase of community engagement ?? Social handles the management. ?? Discord ?? Invite Contests ?? Setting up bots -- (Invite bots etc) -- Counting invites -- Invite catching per person/Leaderboard and much more. ?? Other contests (Meme, Most engagement, Early supporter, Ambassador etc) ?? Airdrop bot ?? 4Chan marketing for your Defi related projects at peak hours ?? Ideas for promo team or CMs ?? Setting up Discord rules/channel as well as Telegram ANN/main ?? Stickers for your group ?? Memes for your group All kind of services you want for the Discord and the telegram. Everything about crypto. Regards Itx